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Siegfried Noët Animal & Nature Photography

Hello and welcome to my website,

My name is Siegfried Noët and I was born in Belgium in the late sixties.

I grew up in a small rural village near the Dutch border.

All of my free time was spent outside in the forests and fields surrounding my home.

That's how I became interested in Animals & Nature and everything related to that.

As a young boy, I guess about the age of nine, I was given a small analogue camera and an entirely different world revealed itself to me through the lens.

As puberty came my interest turned to other subjects, I guess I don't have to tell you that...

At a later stage I picked up my interest in Nature again and bought myself one of the first Canon digital cameras and so it went on till today.

Step by step I learnt everything I needed to know about digital photography all by myself, with no help, classes or anything whatsoever

Meanwhile, I have stepped up to Canon Pro  bodies and lenses  and I love working with them.

Most of my photos you see here were made in Belgium and The Netherlands

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them as much as I did making them, and if so please leave a message in my guestbook.

If you have a question or you want some extra info or more details, please fill in the contact form.

If there is a picture you like, don't just copy it but first contact me at info@sieg.be

Friendly Regards,         

Siegfried Noët